Ruth Seymour

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Ruth Seymour

Ruth Seymour walked 500 miles over the course of a year to support research into multiple sclerosis.


Method of fundraising

Walk 500 miles with my walker-trolley (Angus)

Why did you decide to fundraise?

Because an appointment at the clinic inspired me.

The Clinic was founded by the generosity and altruism of an individual and I think it is fitting that people’s generosity & altruism help to maintain it.

How did you raise the money?

By stopping to chat to people walking their dogs, then (with the owner’s permission) taking a photo of their dog & putting daily updates, progress reports and dog photos on my Just Giving page (my doggy blog). Then I had cards printed with my JustGiving details, and when dog-walkers are interested by or receptive to what I’m doing, I give them my card and let them know that I will upload the photo of their dog onto my JustGiving page before the end of the day.

Fundraising wisdom: 

Do something that you enjoy; your enthusiasm should then become infectious (viral)!!