Carla Jack

Carla in a green Anne Rowling Clinic running T-shirt with her boyfriend.

Carla Jack

Carla didn't let Covid get in the way of her fundraising when the Scottish half-marathon was cancelled. She just ran it herself.

Method of fundraising

Half Marathon

Why did you decide to fundraise?

My mum was diagnosed with MS around 5 years ago. It is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life and I am very proud of her for always doing her best, no matter how she feels.

The cause of MS is unclear and there is no cure. Around 130 people are diagnosed with MS every week in the UK. I feel like little is known about neurodegenerative diseases like MS, MND and Parkinson's which are all life limiting conditions. More research is desperately needed in these areas.

The Anne Rowling Clinic offer support to people with MS and they also conduct research. The clinic cares for many neurogenerative diseases such as MND and Parkinsons. I really hope that the money raised can further the research by the clinic and help everyone affected by neurogenerative diseases.

How did you raise the money?

I wanted to challenge myself in order to raise money so I signed up for the Scottish Half-Marathon. I have always liked exercise but running over 5km was very new to me! It was tough training and I injured my hip at one point so had to rest for a couple of weeks during my training plan.

Unfortunately the race was cancelled due to Covid but I knew I still had to complete my run and I decided to map my own half marathon through East Lothian. I asked my boyfriend to help me by carrying my water whilst I ran! I also had a really bad cold the date I was meant to run so I decided to delay it by one week. This was hard as I felt so prepared for it. It definitely made the run on the day harder as I was still recovering but it was the right decision.

I was ecstatic to reach the end and see my mum waving me over the line. It made the months of training worth it. I received so much moral support from friends and family and I’m not sure I could have done it without them all.

Fundraising wisdom: 

If you’re considering fundraising for a charity it is good to contact them and they will be happy to help you with anything you are unsure about.

Challenge yourself and you never know what you might achieve!