Three scientist in laboratory coats working in a lab. Each person is sitting using an extractor hood while carrying out their research.

Laboratory and data research

Learn more about our research that happens in the labs and with data.

Alongside our research that happens with patients in the Clinic, we also conduct some other types of research - studies in laboratories on stem cells and drug screening and computer-based analysis of large sets of data.

This all comes together in our mission to help improve the lives of people with degenerative conditions affecting the brain. 

Our laboratory and data researchers are trying to fill the gaps in our understanding of neurological conditions and also discover new methods of treatment that could potentially slow, stop or reverse the progress of the diseases.

microscopic image of human neuron with astrocytes; yellow and green pattern

Stem cells

Some of our laboratory research uses human stem cells to create a disease model of MND, MS or Parkinson’s.

A nurse looking at a moniter showing red neurons, with a large modern imaging machine in the background

Drug screening

Testing potential treatments for clinical trials

Digital binary code; a series of alternating and repeating zeros and ones in light blue and black background

Data research

Using epidemiology, existing studies and knowledge and clinical drug trials to find new treatments.