Lighthouse II clinical trial

Phase 3 clinical trial to determine if Triumeq improves survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) compared with placebo.


  • Motor neuron disease

Project type

  • Clinical drug trial

About the project

The Lighthouse II clinical trial is a randomised double-blind placebo controlled trial that seeks to investigate whether the combination medicine Triumeq (dolutegravir 50mg, abacavir 600mg, lamivudine 300mg), is safe and effective in delaying the progression of ALS/MND. Triumeq is very commonly prescribed for patients with HIV. The secondary aim of this study is to assess patient's health outcomes whilst taking this medication.

Further information

Profile for Dr Ammar Al-Chalabi, King's College London (external website)

Profile for Professor Suvankar Pal

Triumeq clinical trial information on the MND Association website (external website)


King's College London, Macquarie University, Stichting TRICALS Foundation



Recruiting now


Judith Newton
0131 465 9517

Eligibility criteria

People over the age of 18 diagnosed with ALS. Other recruitment criteria apply.

Recruitment due to end March 2024.