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Completed projects

Completed projects

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Post Stroke Fatigue

The objective of this project was to determine whether psychological intervention was acceptable to patients with post-stroke fatigue.

Retinal biomarkers in MS

The aim of this study was to look at how information from images of the retina could be used to help understand MS.

TONIC: quality of life in motor neurone disease

Using questionnaires to examine quality of life in MND.

WEBPAMS: web-based physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis

This study examined the feasibility of a clinical trial on the effectiveness of web-based physiotherapy.

FES & AFO in multiple sclerosis

This research study compared the current treatments available for people with MS who have a foot drop.


HeadUp evaluated a newly developed head support for people with neck muscle weakness due to a neurological condition.


MS-SMART was a clinical trial that tested three different drugs in people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Biotin study

Trialling the effect and safety of MD1003 (high dose Biotin) in participants with progressive MS.


A clinical trial of a potential remyelinating drug in multiple sclerosis.

PHQiMS: measuring depression in multiple sclerosis

This study is testing whether a questionnaire called PHQ-9 can monitor low mood in people with MS.


SoSTART tests whether anticoagulant drugs should be used to treat atrial fibrillation in people who have had a brain haemorrhage.

SpeakUnique, The Voicebank Research Project

Creating personalised digital voices for communication aids, simply and efficiently.

Information Processing Speed in MS (IPSiMS)

Comparing reaction time differences between people with MS and healthy volunteers.

Hand-eye coordination in mild cognitive impairment

This study assessed hand-eye coordination in people who have some changes in their memory function.

Psychological, interpersonal and social functioning in MS: the role of theory of mind.

Exploring if there is a relationship between understanding other people’s thoughts/intentions and functional outcomes in MS e.g. mood, relationship quality and social engagement.