Prof Siddharthan Chandran

Siddharthan Chandran

Prof Siddharthan Chandran

Director of the Anne Rowling Clinic
MacDonald Professor of Neurology
Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Professor Siddharthan Chandran’s research focuses on ‘regenerative neurology’ which means exploring how we can cure or treat diseases of the nervous system, such as MND. His research combines laboratory activity, including work with human stem cells, with specialist MND outpatient NHS clinics. This joint approach aims to understand what goes wrong in the cells of a person with MND, as well as to establish clinical trials to test potential new treatments.

Siddharthan studied medicine at Southampton University before training in neurology at University College London and the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh in 2009, he was a Consultant Neurologist, University Lecturer & Fellow of King’s College at The University of Cambridge.

Research exploring how we might repair the damaged brain provides one of the great ways that we might offer hope to people who today live with devastating, yet untreatable diseases of the brain.