Pamela Macdonald

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Pamela Macdonald

Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Broadly summarised as external engagement with our important patient, public and donor stakeholders, Pam's role covers communications (through mailboxes, websites, social media, newsletters), events, tours and other public engagement for the Anne Rowling Clinic, Euan MacDonald Centre and MS Centre. She is also lead on the development of a programme of engagement with our local community.

Pam has been part of the Anne Rowling Clinic team since 2013 and has held various roles including Clinic administration, oversight of the Clinic's research grant finances, and human resources. This has enabled Pam to have a full understanding of the ethos underpinning the Clinic's research and its aim to seamlessly integrate the best health research with the best clinical care. This will enable to Clinic to deliver trials, make discoveries and ultimately to improve the lives of people living with neurological conditions.

In her spare time, Pam likes to regularly go to her local gym and walk in the beautiful Scottish Borders. An avid reader, her perfect afternoon would be with some background music (Grateful Dead or Nina Simone) and a good book, with Stefan Zweig being among her favourites. Keeping abreast of current affairs and world politics she finds is useful if not always enjoyable!