Charlene Hamid

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Charlene Hamid

Lead Ophthalmic Imager & Analyst
Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, Edinburgh Imaging, University of Edinburgh,

Charlene joined the University of Edinburgh in 2019 as an Ophthalmic Imager and Analyst. She has a diploma in Diabetic Retinopathy Grading and qualified with a PGCert in Medical Illustration in 2015.

Her main role is to support the set-up, acquisition and analysis of retinal imaging for clinical research studies across the university where the eye is used as a window to study disease affecting the body and brain. She facilitates the acquisition of OCT, OCT angiography, ultra wide field imaging and fundus photography. Areas of research include small vessel disease and stroke, cardiovascular and renal disease and neurodegeneration.

Charlene is currently part of the Anne Rowling Clinic team and assisting with retinal image acquisition, staff training, analysis and management of retinal imaging data for research to generate new insights into neurodegenerative conditions such as MS.

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