The Edinburgh Neuroscience Christmas Public Lecture 2020

The executive brain: Why concepts matter

With Dr. Thomas Bak, Human Cognitive Neuroscience, School of Philosphy, Psychology & Language Sciences

This public talk by Dr. Thomas Bak will trace the way in which we think of the brain as a 'decision-maker', the concepts used by researchers, and the influence they have on science and its public understanding. Accompanied by Descartes, Montesquieu, and the Japanese film director Kurosawa, we will move from bilingualism to business, from dementia to depression, and from single case studies to big data, seeing how the time in lockdown can be used constructively to refresh our thinking and our research.

The talk will be accessible to non-scientists, and is open to everyone.

About Dr. Thomas Bak

Born and raised in Cracow, Poland, Dr. Thomas H Bak studied medicine and worked as a clinician in psychiatry and neurology in Bern, Berlin, Cambridge, and Edinburgh including time as part of the cognitive disorders team based at the Anne Rowling Clinic. 2010-2018 he was the president of the World Federation of Neurology Research Group on Aphasia, Dementia and Cognitive Disorders (WF RG ADCD).

His main interest is the relationship between language, brain, and mind, and the impact of language learning and multilingualism on cognitive functions. He has teaching experience in 7 languages and conducts his research in a wide range of populations across the world.

This public lecture is hosted by Edinburgh Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh.

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The Edinburgh Neuroscience Christmas Public Lecture 2020

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