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Stroke due to brain haemorrhage clinic

Stroke due to brain haemorrhage clinic

Our team runs a multi-disciplinary brain haemorrhage specialist clinic that integrates care with current research.

On the first visit, you will meet one of the neurologists and/or our nurse specialist. They will discuss the diagnosis, help decide what your needs are, and check that you have had the correct tests and treatment. Subsequent follow-up visits can be planned after the initial consultation.

We very much encourage you to bring your partner and/or close family to the consultant, and recommend that you bring a list of your medication as well as any questions you might like to ask.

Research opportunities

As a research-care facility, you will be given the opportunity to take part in any relevant research projects. Participation in research is completely voluntary and will not affect patient care.

The Research to Understand Stroke to due Haemorrhage (RUSH) research team runs a variety research studies, including LINCHPIN and RESTART. You can find out more by visiting the RUSH website at the University of Edinburgh.


Professor Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Consultant Neurologist


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