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Online Distance Learning scholarships

Online Distance Learning scholarships

The Anne Rowling Clinic offers online distance learning Masters scholarships for applicants commencing Stem Cells and Translational Neurology programmes.

About the programme

Stem Cells & Translational Neurology is an online distance learning programme that combines cutting-edge neuroscience focused on stem cells and neurodegenerative disease, with the real-life clinical and patient/carer perspectives.

The programme brings together researchers, clinicians and patients so that our students can understand the lived experience of patients with neurodegenerative disease, and cutting-edge translational neuroscience research into regeneration of the central nervous system.

Find more information on the Stem cells & Translational Neurology programme pages on the University of Edinburgh website.

About the scholarships

The scholarships are awarded to applicants who are accepted for admission on to the online distance learning postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, or Masters Stem Cell and Translational Neurology programme. They are awarded broadly on the basis of academic merit.

Find out more and apply on the Anne Rowling Clinic Regenerative Neurology Scholarships page on the University of Edinburgh website.