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Dec 2022: Meet the new staff who have joined us over the past few months. We also celebrate some staff promotions.

As part of the University of Edinburgh, the Clinic also has a strong history of investing in the next generation of researchers, nurses, and scientists. Over the past few months, we have been busy recruiting to expand our research team in order to help develop and support our research trial and study portfolio. Career progression is also fundamental to the Clinic's culture, the Clinic supports staff in further training and supports them through making decisions on their career pathway. We're pleased to be able to share news on some of our recent staff promotions.

Career opportunities

To find out more about our Scholarships, Fellowships, Graduate internships, and other career opportunities visit our Careers webpage.

We will advertise any upcoming positions via the University of Edinburgh's Jobs & Careers page.

Let's meet the new staff!

Georgia Andreopoulou

Georgia joined the Clinic earlier this year as an academic physiotherapist. She completed her PhD which focused on foot drop and fatigability in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Her current research involves 3D computerised motion analysis in people with MS.




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Dianne Beaton

Dianne, who previously worked in the construction and building industry, joined the Clinic team as a Research and Trials Administrative Assistant in October 2022. She is looking forward to working alongside the research team at the Anne Rowling Clinic.



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Hatice Bozkurt

Hatice joined the Clinic in August as a Clinical Research Fellow. Working mainly on the MND-SMART trial, she is also part of the research team working on investigating potential new drug therapies for people with MS.



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James Bridson

James joined the Clinic as a Clinical Research Fellow under the supervision of Professor David Hunt in August 2022. James studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2013. He has an interest in multiple sclerosis and neuroinflammatory diseases.



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Paolo Cucurachi

Paolo joined the team in the late summer of 2022. He works as a research and trial administration assistant based within the Rowling Clinic Trial Office. His research interests include molecular biology, epigenetics, and developmental and stem-cell biology.



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Jessica Gill

Jessica joined the Clinic as a Rowling Graduate Intern, having graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in neuroscience. She has a particular interest in the development of potential therapies for conditions that affect the nervous system.



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Charlene Hamid

Charlene who joined the University of Edinburgh as an ophthalmic imager and analyst in 2019, supports the retinal imaging analysis and management of imaging data for the Clinic's research studies and trials.



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Amarachi Ihenacho

Joining the Clinic team in November 2022 as a Research Trials Administrator, Amarachi was previously employed in NHS Lothian as a Clinical Trials Assistant in an emergency medicine research group.



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Conni McCarthy

Conni joined the Clinic in July 2022 as an Assistant Trial Manager. A bioscientist with 10 years postdoctoral expertise, her passion is in applying research to help people.



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Robin Pillinger

Having completed his master's degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Robin joined the Clinic in the summer of 2022 as a Research Practitioner. He has a particular interest in how treatment can delay cognitive decline in neurological conditions.



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Claire Purdie

Claire joined the Clinic's FutureMS team earlier in 2022. Claire is a research nurse with a vast experience in both acute neurology nursing and Public Health. She was also previously a Neurology (MS) Specialist Nurse in Lanarkshire.




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Bastien Rioux

An Anne Rowling Clinic and Dr Hugh S P Binnie Scholar, Bastien joined the Clinic team in September 2022. His main area of research is around studying the blood vessels in the brain and how they contribute to disease.



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Kelly Stewart

In November 2022 Kelly joined the Clinic team as a Research and Clinical Trials Administrator. Kelly brings with her over 20 years of research experience.



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Ethan Stoker

Ethan started his research career when he joined the Clinic earlier this year having previously worked for NHS Lothian in the vascular medicine department. He's enthused and excited to be part of the Clinic's research team and to take an active part in the research portfolio.




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Thomas Suslak

Thomas is currently undertaking a one-year Clinical Research Fellowship at the Anne Rowling Clinic. Thomas, who joined the Clinic team in August 2022, will be focusing mainly on the MND-SMART trial and FutureMS2 study.




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Johnny Tam

An Anne Rowling Clinic and Dr Hugh S P Binnie Scholar, Johnny joined the team in August 2022. Johnny will be investigating how we can use digital technology to improve the monitoring of neurological diseases.



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Laura Young

Laura joined the Clinic's professional services team as a Personal Assistant to Professor David Hunt. An experienced administrator, Laura provides a confidential PA service that covers both University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian on his behalf.



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Staff promotions 2022

Judy Newton 

Judy is now Deputy Director Clinic


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Rebecca Devon

Rebecca is now Deputy Director Science and Strategy.


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Dawn Lyle

Dawn is now Lead Research Nurse.


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Pamela Macdonald

Pam is now Stakeholder Engagement Manager.


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Amy Stenson

Amy is now Assistant Research and Trials Manager.


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This article was published on: Friday, December 09, 2022