New faces in the Clinic

photos of the 5 new staff

May 2019: Meet the new staff who have joined our Clinic team over the last few months.

Dr Yingdi Chen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Yingdi has joined the Clinic to research whether the changes detectable in the eye mirror brain changes in neurological conditions.  Yingdi studied medicine at Sichuan University, China and obtained a Master's degree in Ophthalmology in Chongqing. She completed her resident training as an ophthalmologist in China and then achieved her PhD on retinal degeneration at the University of Newcastle.


Dr Rachel Dakin

Research Study Coordinator

Rachel is responsible for planning, organising and managing research projects in the clinic. Previously she worked in the West of Scotland NHS Genetics Service as a research and development scientist having completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh and Post-doc at the University of Glasgow. She is passionate about translating science from bench to bedside in the hope of finding new treatments for patients


Elizabeth Fraser

Research Trial Nurse

Liz’s role involves working on all the various research studies within the Clinic but will specialise in motor neurone disease (MND). After qualifying as a registered nurse in 2005 Liz worked on various wards in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before specialising as a research nurse in 2010.


Michaela Kleynhans

Research Nurse

Michaela's role at the Clinic involves recruitment of people for trials and studies, in addition to nursing input and follow-up study visits. Michaela has previous experience working in NHS Lothian's neurology department; nursing people with a variety of neurodegenerative diseases including MND and MS. She has a Master's degree in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology.


Dr Charis Wong

Clinical Trial Fellow

Charis is midway through her clinical registrar training in neurology and will be involved in various trials and studies during a 3 year fellowship at the Clinic. Her research interests include improving clinical trials in neurodegenerative diseases, in particular drug selection for trials.  Originally from Malaysia, Charis studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh and graduated in 2012. She completed her medical training in South East Scotland.

This article was published on: Wednesday, May 01, 2019