New faces around the Clinic

Dec 2018: We’d like to introduce you to some of the people that have recently joined the Clinic staff team.

Emily Beswick

Rowling Intern

Emily has joined the clinic to support visits from study participants and to process data for research conducted in the Clinic. She is a psychology graduate of the University of Edinburgh. (Image: top left)


Emily Harrison

MS Specialist Nurse

Emily is a new NHS Lothian MS specialist nurse based in the Anne Rowling Clinic. Emily has recently joined the MS nursing team after relocating from London and has previously worked as a MS specialist nurse a Chronic Pain Specialist Nurse and an independent nurse prescriber. (Image: top middle)

Dr Kiran Jayaprakash

Research Clinical Fellow

Kiran is undertaking a fellowship at the Clinic and helps run various research projects alongside writing up research results for publication and presentation. Originally from Hong Kong, he studied medicine at the University of Dundee and is interested in specialising in neurology. (Image: top right)


Dr Patrick Kearns

Rowling Scholar

Patrick will be working towards his PhD as part of the Rowling Scholars scheme. He is researching why certain areas in Scotland have some of the highest rates of MS in the world. Patrick studied medicine and physiology at the University of Edinburgh, before completing his medical training in Glasgow. He then studied for a master’s degree in public health at Harvard University and was briefly a visiting scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Image: lower left)


Dr Suzanne Quigley

Rowling Clinical Fellow

Suzanne helps to run various research projects at the Clinic as part of her fellowship. She completed her medical degree at University College Cork, Ireland in 2017. After working in a busy neurology department in Cork City she developed a keen interest in the speciality. (Image: lower middle)


Christine Weaver

Research Nurse

Christine provides nursing input for research study visits and helps to recruit patients across the Clinic's study portfolio. She has joined the Clinic from Sweden after completing her Master's degree in Global Health at the Karolinska Institute. Prior to this her background was in clinical research in infectious diseases and academic research in the area of health policy. (image: lower right)

This article was published on: Tuesday, December 11, 2018