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Find out about what's been happening at the Clinic.

FutureMS-2 staff standing outside of the Anne Rowling Clinic

October 2021: Launch of FutureMS-2 Study

The beginning of October saw the first participants return to take part in the next phase of FutureMS. 

Picture collage of new staff at the Anne Rowling Clinic

New Faces in the Clinic

Oct 2021: Meet the new staff that have recently joined the research team at the Clinic over the last few months.

telephone set on desk

Resumption of Telephone Services

5th August 2021 Clinic reception and telephone service problems resolved

BBC Journalist Lucy Adams

Long Covid study features on Panorama

July 2021: BBC Panorama's recent coverage of Long Covid included research led by Professor Alan Carson that is taking place in the Clinic. 

Microscopic image of a virus

Coronavirus - Latest information on clinic appointments

June 2021: Up-to-date information on appointments at the Anne Rowling Clinic.

person sitting in the sunshine

World MS Day 2021

May 2021: For World MS Day (30th May) find out what's happening in MS research at the Anne Rowling Clinic

Neurological examination of patient

International Clinical Trials Day 2021

May 2021: Find out what's happening in Clinical Trials at the Anne Rowling Clinic.

An organoid - a sphere of red nerve wires being wrapped around in specialised blue myelin insulation

Mini 3-D brain models could speed up search for MS treatments

May 2021: New research from Anne Rowling Clinic researchers hopes to move forward the development of new treatments.

Vaccinator and person getting a vacinne sat in a clinic room

Clinic supports vaccinations of nearly 10,000 NHS staff

April 2021: The Anne Rowling Clinic has helped in the fight against the pandemic by hosting the NHS Lothian staff vaccine clinics.

headshots of the staff team taking part in the kiltwalk

Clinic team stride out to raise funds

April 2021: The team of staff from the Clinic will take part in the Kiltwalk between 23 and 25 April. 

A doctor speaking to a patient and relative

World Parkinson’s Day

April 2021: For World Parkinson’s Day (11 April) find out what’s happening in Parkinson’s research at the Anne Rowling Clinic.

Artists impression of the new clinic building

Planning permission received for Clinic extension

March 2021: Planning permission granted for extension to the Anne Rowling Clinic building. 

Head and shoulders image of Dr Zack Hassan

On Covid & the Clinic - Dr Zack Hassan

February 2021: The Scotsman has published an opinion piece from one of our Rowling Clinical Fellows.

Arpan sat at a bench in the lab

Rowling Scholar's research provides exciting new focus for potential MND drug treatments

January 2021: Motor neuron disease treatments that boost energy in nerve cells could be developed thanks to new research from Dr Arpan Mehta.

Man looking at an iPad

Winter newsletter 2020

December 2020: Our latest newsletter is now available.

headshots of new staff

New staff join the team

December 2020: Meet the new staff that have joined the Clinic team over the last few months.

MNDA symposium blue and orange logo

Clinic researchers share findings at international symposium on MND

December 2020: Researchers will join together online from Wednesday 9 – Friday 11 December for the MNDA event.

laptop with notebook and cup of coffee

New neurodegenerative diseases course launches

December 2020: Clinic staff have contributed to the development of a new course to increase understanding about MND, Parkinson's, MS and other conditions. 

3d model of biotin chemical structure

Biotin MS treatment study results published

December 2020: The company conducting this treatment trial concluded that unfortunately high-dose biotin did not improve the symptoms of MS.

Dr Maria Stavrou

Max Perutz Science Writing Award winner

October 2020: Many congratulations to Rowling Scholar Maria Stavrou, who has received a commendation in the 2020 MRC Max Perutz Science Writing competition.

box of medication with blue tablets

CCMR One Clinical Drug Trial update

October 2020: Trial results presented at European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS on September 26th 2020

diagram showing the effect of CSF on cells

New research: 'Toxic effect' of cerebrospinal fluid in MND

August 2020: A review of scientific literature has revealed that cerebrospinal fluid obtained from people with motor neurone disease is damaging to cells.

man reading his iPad

Summer Newsletter 2020

July 2020: Our latest newsletter is now available.

image of Dawn Lyle

MS-STAT2 Update

July 2020: We chatted to Dawn Lyle, Research Project Coordinator and Lead Research Nurse at the Clinic, for an update on the MS-STAT2 clinical trial.

headshots of new staff

New faces in the Clinic

July 2020: Meet the new staff that have joined the Clinic team over the last few months. 

woman typing on a laptop

Clinic study proves reliability of videoconferencing for MND appointments

June 2020: Our research has found that appointments via videoconference are as effective as face-to-face appointments, and that people with MND are keen to use videoconference for future consultations.

Empty chairs with the Clinic reception desk at the back

Life during lockdown

June 2020: An update from the Anne Rowling Clinic team amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

lady sat at a computer wearing a headset

SpeakUnique launches as online company

June 2020: Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of the research spin-out company – SpeakUnique.

blister pack of tablets

Study published into MND drug riluzole

May 2020: The study reviewed riluzole prescribing, uptake and treatment discontinuation in Scotland. 

Microscopic image of a coronavirus

Review article published on the neurological impact of coronaviruses

May 2020: A team led by Rowling Scholar, Dr Arpan Mehta, has published a timely review article summarising the emerging evidence pointing to various neurological effects of COVID-19.

illustration of a human head with cogs representing the brain.

Results published of audit of MND cognitive assessments led by Rowling Scholar

April 2020: The findings of a study have been published this week auditing cognitive assessments in people with MND in Scotland. 

Microscopic image of a virus

Information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

Information for people who attend NHS Lothian MND clinics at the Anne Rowling Clinic.  Published Thursday 26th March 2020.

Microscopic image of a virus

Information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and neuroinflammatory disease

Information for people who attend NHS Lothian neuroinflammatory clinics at the Anne Rowling Clinic.  Published Friday 20 March 2020.

Microscopic image of a virus

Information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease modifying therapies

Information for people who attend NHS Lothian MS clinics at the Anne Rowling Clinic.  Published Friday 20 March 2020.

Clinic sees first participant in new MND Clinical Trial

March 2020: The Anne Rowling Clinic is the first UK trial centre to open for MND-SMART, the pioneering new MND clinical trial from the Euan MacDonald Centre.

Professor David Hunt

David Hunt appointed Professor of Neuroinflammatory Medicine

Feb 2020: Many congratulations to David Hunt on his promotion to Professor.

MND-SMART website homepage

MND-SMART: landmark MND trial to launch at the Anne Rowling Clinic

January 2020: The new innovative clinical trial MND-SMART is now seeking people with MND from across the UK to test potential new treatments.

Winter newsletter 2019

Dec 2019: Our latest newsletter is now available.

Cycling Fundraisers

Our 2019 Fundraising Round-up

Dec 2019: To all our awesome fundraisers – thank you so much for walking, baking, cycling, joking and selling. Whatever you chose to do, we hope you enjoyed fundraising and feel deservedly proud of what you have achieved. As well as supporting vital research, you have also helped raise awareness of the Anne Rowling Clinic. Thank you.

A doctor assisting a patient who is entering data into a tablet computer.

30 years of the Scottish National MND Register

Dec 2019: The Scottish National MND Register, which has become an invaluable resource for research and to monitor care across the country, was founded in 1989, the first national MND register in the world.

Dr Belinda Weller

Dr Belinda Weller

Nov 2019: Dr Belinda Weller, Consultant Neurologist and researcher, has passed away. 

Clinic scholarships helping to train neuroscience researchers across the world

Nov 2019: Dr Jamil Said received an Anne Rowling Clinic Regenerative Neurology Scholarship to help him realise his ambitions to advance neuroscience research in Africa.

showing impressive photo of a tiger and event chairs, screen etc.

Parkinson's fundraiser is picture perfect

Nov 2019: We're incredibly grateful to Norman Yarrow, David Yarrow Photography and The Hunter Foundation for a wonderful evening at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow.

New Parkinson's clinic sees first patients

Oct 2019: Welcome to Dr David Breen as he starts his new Parkinson's clinic.

Rowling Clinic researchers behind a research table

September research open evening success

Sept 2019: Visitors joined staff and researchers to learn more about the activities of the Clinic.

J.K. Rowling at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Anne Rowling Clinic

J.K. Rowling donates further £15m to multiple sclerosis research

Sep 2019: The author J.K. Rowling has donated £15.3m to the University of Edinburgh to help improve the lives of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and similar conditions.

image of Shuna Colville

Shuna Colville announces her retirement

Aug 2019: After seven years as the first Anne Rowling Clinic and Research Project Manager, Shuna Colville is retiring. 

image of Maria Stavrou and an image of astrocytes

Prestigious award for Rowling Scholar

Aug 2019: Congratulations to Dr Maria Stavrou who has been awarded a Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship.

Dr Daisy Mollison and an image of a brain scan

Dr Daisy Mollison tells us about her MS PhD

July 2019: Dr Daisy Mollison was one of our first Rowling Scholars and has recently completed her PhD focusing on multiple sclerosis.

close up of a world map globe

Facts and figures on worldwide rate and impact of neurological disorders

July 2019: Recent findings indicate that neurological disorders continue to be the leading cause of disability worldwide.

radio studio microphone

Radio 4 appearance for Clinic's neurologists

July 2019: Professor Siddharthan Chandran and Professor Anna Williams recently appeared on a BBC Radio 4 series about MS. 

david hunt headshot and Wellcome logo

Dr David Hunt awarded Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Jun 2019: Many congratulations to Dr David Hunt, who has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship to study how abnormal immune activation affects the brain.

colourful image of cells

Edinburgh Brain Bank News Update

Jun 2019: So far 64 people with MS have consented to donate their brain tissue to our brain bank when they die and 6 donations have been received. Results from research using donations are now beginning to be published. 

illustration of a human head with cogs representing the brain.

New MS 'Theory of mind' study launches

Jun 2019: A new study has launched to explore psychological, interpersonal and social functioning in people with MS.

Arpan Mehta and Patrick Kearns

Rowling Scholars' British neurology prize succes

May 2019: Dr Arpan Mehta and Dr Patrick Kearns were competition finalists at the Association of British Neurologists Annual Meeting. 

Future MS Logo - green wording

Future MS study fully recruited

May 2019: 440 people with MS from across Scotland have signed up to the study which is developing a tool to predict how a person's MS will progress.

photos of the 5 new staff

New faces in the Clinic

May 2019: Meet the new staff who have joined our Clinic team over the last few months.

Researcher in Green T-Shirt talking to two ladies

Busy Open Evening at Clinic

Apr 2019: Our recent Open Evening on the 10th April was a great success with around 60 people joining us on the night. 

colourful image of a tree

PHQiMS study fully recruited

Apr 2019: 130 people with MS have signed up to test the questionnaire that measures mood.

crowd scene of people walking down a street

New MND incidence and prevalence study published.

March 2019: The study used data from the CARE-MND platform to investigate how common MND is in Scotland. 

a brain in blue on a black background

Supporting the Edinburgh University Neuroscience Society Conference

Feb 2019: We’re delighted to be supporting the Edinburgh University Neurological Society (EUNS) Annual Conference which takes place on Saturday 2nd March.

Research participants listening to a presentation

Clinic hosts MS-SMART unblinding event

Feb 2019: On Saturday 9th February, the Clinic hosted an ‘unblinding event’ for people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) who took part in the MS-SMART drugs trial.

David Breen, Liz Elliot, Rickie Patani

Prestigious funding success for three Rowling Fellows

Feb 2019: Congratulations to three Rowling Fellows: David Breen, Liz Elliott and Rickie Patani (left to right in photo), who have all obtained prestigious fellowship funding to enable them to continue and expand their research.

oligodendrocyte brain cells viewed through a microscope

New research: brain cell differences in people with MS

Jan 2019: Our researchers have published findings using brain bank samples showing important differences in brain cells called oligodendrocytes in people with and without MS.

screenshot of website homepage

Welcome to our new website!

Dec 2018: We’re excited to launch our new website.

Fantastic Fundraisers

Dec 2018: It has been an award-winning year for fundraising in aid of the Anne Rowling Clinic. Together our fantastic fundraisers have raised over £61,000 in support of our vital research work.

New faces around the Clinic

Dec 2018: We’d like to introduce you to some of the people that have recently joined the Clinic staff team.

pills spilling from a bottle

MS SMART - First '3 in 1' MS trial completed

Oct 2018: Researchers have completed the MS-SMART clinical trial on multiple sclerosis (MS) in which 3 different drugs were tested at the same time instead of 1 by 1 by 1 - a world first in progressive neurological disease research. 

Award winner Sarah McGlasson

Sarah McGlasson wins Scopus Early Career Researcher Award

Oct 2018: Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Sarah McGlasson, who has won the Elsevier / US-UK Fulbright Commission 2018 UK Early Career Researcher Award in Medicine.

Person pouring pills into their hand

MS-STAT2 clinical drug trial open for recruitment

Aug 2018: MS-STAT2 is a UK-wide phase 3 clinical drug trial which will test simvastatin, a drug used to lower cholesterol, in people with secondary progressive MS (SPMS).

Summer 2018 e-newsletter

June 2018: The latest edition of our e-newsletter is now available.

Stornaway harbour

Speak:Unique on the road: a Scottish island-hopping adventure!

June 2018: The Speak:Unique team has been on the road, recording voices in the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland.

Dr David Hunt

Medical Research Foundation's first Emerging Leaders Prize

Apr 2018: Dr David Hunt, a consultant at the Anne Rowling Clinic, has won first prize in the Medical Research Foundation's Emerging Leaders Prize.

Glial cells grown in the laboratory

New Parkinson's disease research initiative

Apr 2018: A major Parkinson's disease research programme between Dundee and Edinburgh, which was launched last week, has the support of Dolly the Sheep scientist Prof Sir Ian Wilmut.

researchers at a display stand chatting about their work with the public

Research Open Evening: 12th April 2018

Mar 2018: Meet researchers at our drop-in open evening next month.