brain imaging showing white matter tracts

About the conditions

Information about the neurological conditions that we study.

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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

In MS, damage to the insulating layer around nerves can cause numbness, vision problems, difficulties with walking and fatigue.

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Motor neuron disease (MND)

Motor neuron disease is caused by loss of the nerve cells that transmit signals from the brain to the muscles.

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Cognitive disorders

Cognitive disorders refer to problems with memory, language, thinking and understanding.

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Parkinson's disease (PD) & movement disorders

Loss of particular nerves in the brain can causes people with Parkinson's disease to have a tremor and difficulty with movement.

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Huntington's disease

HD is an inherited condition that causes gradual degeneration of the central nervous system.

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Stroke due to brain haemorrhage

Approximately one in seven strokes is caused by bleeding in the brain.