A photo of the back entrance of Anne Rowling Clinic at night


A picture taken inside the Anne Rowling Clinic reception area, people are sitting waiting for their appointment, a researcher is talking and walking with a patient and two staff members are chatting

About us

We deliver clinical care and research to improve the lives of people with degenerative conditions affecting the brain.

J.K Rowling pictured in-front of the Anne Rowling Clinic banner

Our history

The Anne Rowling Clinic was founded by author J.K. Rowling in memory of her mother Anne.

A brain with brain activity mapped in different bright colours

About the conditions

Information about the neurological conditions that we study.

three researchers two in research scrub uniform talking in the reception area of the Anne Rowling Clinic building


Find out about what's been happening at the Clinic.

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How to find the Anne Rowling Clinic.

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How to get in touch with the Anne Rowling Clinic.